About Us

Board & Co. was created on a whim in October of 2020. After making my first charcuterie board at a girl’s night in, a friend of mine said “you could sell these!” As you can see, I took comment very literally. Being unemployed in the middle of a pandemic brought on a lot of uncertainty and fear but I used those feelings to take a risk and open a small business. I wasn’t sure where this road would take me but my main goal was always to have fun with it. It has far exceeded my expectations and brought me so much fulfillment. My biggest passion is food and entertaining and I’m honored to be able to share those with the lovely city of Lexington, KY. The beautiful thing about charcuterie boards is that it forces people gather ‘round and try new things. Seeing people’s reactions brings me so much joy because each board is curated with love. My motto has been “your order brought a smile to my face, so I hope this board brings one to yours.”

-Grace Ramsey, Owner of Board & Co.