How do I place an order for delivery?

Click on the Menu tab at the top of the Home Screen. Add the products you would like to order to your cart. Select the “Local Delivery” icon and choose your preferred date and time. Click “Check Out” and enter your contact information. Next, select “Ship” under the Delivery Method and enter the delivery address. Click “Continue to shipping” and verify that all your information is correct. You can add any delivery instructions on this page. Continue to payment and wait for your custom order to arrive! There is a $20.00 delivery fee and we currently only offer delivery in Lexington, KY. 

How do I place an order for pickup?

Click on the Menu tab at the top of the Home Screen. Add the products you would like to order to your cart. Select the “Store Pickup” icon and choose your preferred date and time. Click “Check Out” and enter your contact information. Next, select “Pick Up” under the Delivery Method. Continue to payment and pickup for your custom order at your desired date and time.

Pickup times are NOT flexible. If you are arrive anytime after your selected pickup, you may be subject to a Late Fee. We cannot guarantee that we will be here to handle your order outside the selected pickup time due to other deliveries, events, etc. 

Where are you located?

We operate out of a shared kitchen space located at the Market Kitchen inside of Greyline Station. Our address is 101 W London Ave, Lexington KY 40508.


How far in advance should I place an order?

We typically recommend placing your order 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure availability. The website requires a 72-hour window before you can place an order to be delivered or picked up. All orders placed within the 72-hour window will be subject to a 10-25% Rush Fee determined by urgency and order type. However, if you’re in a pinch and need a board ASAP, contact us and we will see if we can fit you in sooner.


How are the boards packaged?

Each order is served on an eco-friendly, disposable palm leaf board. The boards are securely wrapped in plastic to ensure ultimate freshness.

How long do the boards last?

Each board is made to order and is typically best within the first 2-3 days. However, please let us know if you intend to consume your board the following day. Your order will be prepared differently than same day orders, so that it stays fresh.

How should I store the boards?

Charcuterie boards need to be refrigerated up until consumption. We recommend that you remove the boards from the fridge 30 minutes before serving so that the cheeses and meat can come to room temperature.

Are crackers included?

Of course! Crackers, spreads (honey, jam, etc.) and utensils are provided separately with each order.

How do I choose my meats and cheeses?

You can browse our cheese, meat and cheese ball options on the home page. Include your preferences in the notes section of your cart. Or, if you’re unsure, leave it blank and I can pick some of my favorites for you!

How do I add on a cheese ball to my charcuterie board?

The Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large Boards have the option to add on a hand-made cheese ball. The cheese ball is an additional charge and replaces one of the allotted cheeses on the board. The cheese ball options include: Original Cranberry Pecan, Bacon Cheddar Ranch, Beer Cheese, Pimento Cheese, Buffalo Chicken, Spinach Artichoke. The Extra Large Board includes an additional “Themed Cheese Ball” option that is customizable to your event.

Do you offer gluten free, vegan, or pork free options?

Yes! We can accommodate all dietary restrictions. Please include any dietary restrictions in notes section of cart. We also offer a 100% vegan charcuterie board on our menu. 

Can I customize my order to match the theme of my event?

We offer a wide variety ways to customize your order. From birthdays to business events, Board & Co. can help bring your vision to life. Use the notes page in your cart to tell me a little bit about your event. The more detail, the better! 


How do I book Board & Co. for an event?

The two most popular options for large events are Grazing Tables and Charcuterie Cups. For pricing and availability on parties serving more than 20 people, please contact Board & Co. directly.

Where can I get Board & Co. on the go?

We currently do not offer any pre-prepared charcuterie options in Lexington. However, you can purchase our Charcuterie Boxes at Castle & Key Distillery every weekend, Thursday through Sunday.

Are you working out of a licensed kitchen?

Absolutely! We operate out of a licensed and certified kitchen. All Board & Co. employees have acquired the appropriate Food Handlers certifications.